On today’s Divi podcast, the CIO of the Divi project, Nick Saponaro, interviews Bohdan, the COO of Everstake. The interview focused on discussions around how Bohdan and his team found their way into crypto and how Everstake is performing when it comes to the Proof of Stake field within the crypto industry.

Bohdan shares insightful information on how he started as a Block Producer on EOS, thus, managing and organizing stuffs and hardware. Although the work was tedious for him, this was an opportunity for him to meet new people within the space who shared similar goals as he did.

Now Everstake has over 27,000 users around the globe.

Listen to the full podcast for the details. https://soundcloud.com/divi-crypto-podcast/ep084

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CryptoTube continues with his Masternode Monday show talking about some of the prominent masternodes assets on the market and how some of them are performing in his portfolio. CryptoTube bases his review on both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. For the fundamental analysis, he talks about the use cases, all time high deployment and price changes, upcoming developments such as the Divi 2.O wallet.diviproject.org featuring International Bank Account creation, Staking and Masternode setup, Atomic swap, etc.

Some of the masternode assets reviewed on the show include:






StakeCube etc.

Watch the full show the details: https://youtu.be/g2_8ubdVqAA

The Divi Live at Five shows continues today with Nick Saponaro being the host. Today’s show marks the last Divi update show within the year of 2020 hence loaded with more exciting news and developments.

As usual, Nick Sap begins with the numbers talking about the 15714 Beta sign-ups for…

On today’s Divi podcast, Nick Saponaro, the CIO of the Divi project, and Steve McGary, the co-host of the Divi Podcast, share insightful information on the soon-to-be-released Divi wallet (wallet.diviproject.org). This impending wallet has created a whole lot of excitement and expectations since it was announced by the Divi project due to its unique features and benefits. Currently in the Beta Testing Phase.

Nick and Steve discuss the benefits and other features on the wallet such as:

Atomic Swap

Fiat and Crypto Exchange


Staking and Masternode (Earning)

Sending and Receiving Funds etc.

Listen to the full discussion for the details. https://soundcloud.com/divi-crypto-podcast/ep083

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The Masternode Monday Review show by CryptoTube continues. CryptoTube continues to share insightful information on how most of the renowned masternodes are performing on the market in terms of price changes, yearly ROI, monthly profits, All-Time-High deployment.

Also, CryptoTube shares upcoming news and developments concerning some of these masternode assets. For example the upcoming Divi 2.O wallet.diviproject.org. This wallet comes with Atomic Swap, International Bank Account Creation, Staking & Masternode, E-commerce, etc.

Some of the assets reviewed include:






Midas etc.

Watch the full video for the details. https://youtu.be/moph41epTvs

On today’s Divi podcast, the co-host, Steve McGarry interviews Eyal Hertzog, founder of Bancor and CEO of DeWeb. Steve and Eyal discusses interesting topics surrounding the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Further discussions were made on Bancor and how DeWeb is positioned to change Online Services and other related advantages.

Before the beginning of the disccusion, Eyal shares his Blockchain journey experience. He tells how he started his tech journey by first joining the Israeli army serving as the manager for their Intelligence Core for 4 years. He then joined Class Data Systems as their application marketing engineer in 1997.

The whole interview carries insightful information concerning how the Blockchain technology is growing.

Listen to the full podcast for the details. https://soundcloud.com/divi-crypto-podcast/open-source-interview-with-eyal-hertzog-of-bancor-deweb

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As the year comes to a close, CryptoTube continues to shares his yearly wrap-up on the best performing masternode assets within the space. CryptoTube Masternode Monday show is a review based on both technical and fundamental analyses. He also shares news and developments concerning some of the projects such as the upcoming Divi 2.O wallet which is now in the Beta testing stage.

Some of the masternode assets reviewed include:






StakeCube etc.

Watch the full show for the details. https://youtu.be/0-WFVaY18eY

Mister Node, a renowned masternode host for most of the popular masternodes within the cryptocurrency space continues to share his monthly evaluation on the performance of these masternodes. His evaluation is based on the monthly profits, masternode ROI, etc.

Some of the masternode coins featured include:

Divi Silver Node

Divi Copper Node





Vechain etc.

Read the full article for the details. https://masternode.buzz/masternode-portfolio-november-update-realroi-2/

Divi Project is now at the Beta testing stage of its impending MoBo wallet.diviproject.org. Check to subscribe and be part of the first people to get hold of the wallet once released.

On today’s Divi’s podcast, the co-host of the Divi prodcast, Steve McGarry, interviews Ty Daniel Smith, the managing director of Coinbound. They discuss an interesting topic covering how cryptocurrency project’s can be promoted and advertised using contemporary marketing strategies.

Daniel shares his experience in the cryptocurrency industry and how he realized some social media platforms forbid cryptocurrency related ads. In order to counteract this, he came to an understanding that the only way is to create his own platform to promote crypticurrency ads.

Listen to the full interview for the details on some of the marketing strategies. https://soundcloud.com/divi-crypto-podcast/ep081

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CryptoTube Masternode Monday show continues. As usual, CryptoTube gives critical market analysis (technical and fundamental analyses) on some of the best performing masternodes on the market. Before tackling the masternode review, he gives an overview of the general cryptocurrency market, talking about the ATH of Bitcoin and some few large cap coins.

For the masternodes, he reviews the weekly price changes, all time high sign-ups or deployment, upcoming developments such as the Divi 2.O wallet.diviproject.org, etc.

Some of the masternode coins that were reviewed include:






Watch the full video for the details. https://youtu.be/QYsTKG8wQ2k

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