DeFi Lending Interview w/ Doug Leonard CEO of Mainframe

On today’s Divi Podcast, Nick Sap, the CIO of the Divi Project, interviews Doug Leonard, the CEO of Mainframe. Mainframe is a DeFi application that allows peer-to-peer lending and also allowing individuals to grow their money.

Doug shares his life experience and connects it with how he got to join the cryptocurrency industry in the year 2012 after he heard his friends talking about it. He took great interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrency due to the hashing algorithms that he could relate to his lessons in school.

When Doug first met Mainframe, it was just an ordinary chat application. Based on his experience and knowledge in cryptocurrency, he helped the ex-CEO of Mainframe to integrate Blockchain into Mainframe and now turning it into DeFi.

Doug admits the fact that Divi’s perception about DeFi is to eliminate trustless middlemen/intermediaries or the banks. Doug shares many exciting thoughts concerning the strong emergence of DeFi in general.

Listen to the full podcast for the details.

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