Divi Live at Five (PST) | December 18th, 2020

The Divi Live at Five shows continues today with Nick Saponaro being the host. Today’s show marks the last Divi update show within the year of 2020 hence loaded with more exciting news and developments.

As usual, Nick Sap begins with the numbers talking about the 15714 Beta sign-ups for the impending Divi 2.O wallet.diviproject.org, the 1525 masternode All-Time-high deployment, the 98% growth of the Divi masternode since 1st January 2020, etc.

Nick continues to share an update on the impending wallet. He shares the comments and opinions of the Beta Testers and how the testing is progressing. He announces the impending testing of the MOCCI on the wallet. Nick gives a general overview of how the Divi project has progressed since the beginning of the year till date.

Geoff McCabe, the CEO of the Divi project, joins the show. He shares outstanding partnership updates and how these partnerships are going to positively affect the Divi project such with Copper (copper.co), the impending partnership with a company in India (Company name: NDA) etc.

Litecoin Lisa joins the show. She shares how she joined the Anacapulco show in January 2020 and how that broadened her view about the Divi project. Lisa shares the objectives of her foundation and how she intends on expanding it to the other worlds.

As usual, Nick ends the show with an AMA.

Watch the full video for the details. https://youtu.be/Q47aisKrxzw

Join the DIVI community for more exciting updates and news concerning the cryptocurrency industry: https://t.me/diviproject

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