Divi Project Weekly Update October 2020

Nick Sap, the CIO of the Divi project, continues to share the weekly update concerning the Divi project. Today, a very special guest, Molidor Shane, from BitMax cryptocurrency exchange team joins Nick Sap. Molidor shares a piece of in-depth information concerning the recent Divi listing on BitMax exchange.

As usual, Nick Sap starts with the metrics. He talks about the new 13,478 beta sign-ups for the upcoming wallet.diviproject.org. He continues to share the new 1560 ATH of the Divi masternodes deployment thus 1 billion Divi is allocated to the masternodes. This means about 50% of the Divi is allocated within the Masternode system.

Concerning the crypto market update, Nick Sap shares an analysis of BTC price movements. Nick announces how within the next 30 hours, Divi will turn 2 Block years. This marks the first time the rewards for both Divi masternodes and staking goes down based on the principle of the Advanced Governance System and Inflation control mechanism.

Juma, one of the Divi community members in South Africa, builds the first bicycle stores to accept Divi (cryptocurrency) in his area.

Concerning the Divi 2.0 wallet.diviproject.org update, Nick discusses how this upcoming wallet comes with biometric security, the ability to send Divi to a friend's email address, etc.

On the 3rd of October, 2020, Nick Sap is joining Bitcoin Ben in Orange California at the Unmask Tour event to discuss cryptocurrency.

Molidor Shane started his part by first discussing how he got to know crypto in the year of 2015. He shared quite an impressive cryptocurrency experience. Molidor disclosed the criteria and strategies BitMax adopts in selecting a coin to be listed (project concept, performance on the market, team expertise, upcoming developments, etc).

Concerning crypto news, Nick shares the news on "Owners of BitMex, a Leading Bitcoin Exchange, Faces Criminal Charges". Nick clears the misconceptions in the air on how some crypto users mistakenly take BitMex for BitMax.

As usual, Nick Sap ends the show with an AMA.

Watch the full video for details.


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