Divi Project Weekly Update September 2020

In today's Divi project weekly review, Nick Sap, the CIO of the Divi project, discusses the major happenings within Divi. As usual, he starts by giving an update on the metrics thus talking about the all-time high of the Divi masternodes deployment of 1526 recorded on 17th September 2020, a massive beta sign-up number of 13098 (wallet.diviproject.org), Divi's tiered masternodes performance on the market according to renowned platforms such as MyCointainer and Masternode.Buzz where DIVI took the first position.

The CEO, Geoff McCabe, was featured in this episode of Divi weekly update. He shares what he has been up to concerning the development of the Divi project. He gives a clue on how he has been making conversations and deals with new investors and big players within the space. Geoff also shares his dream of how he has many aspects of developments in the pipeline. Maya, one of the strongest partners of Divi, discloses their intentions of shipping containers to different parts of the world, mostly African countries where solar power can be supplied to the people. Permatek, another Digital Nomad being developed by the Divi project where users can spend and earn cryptocurrency is still under development.

There is a mandatory DIVI Desktop wallet update version 1.7.0 for users. Get is from https://diviproject.org/downloads on the Divi official website. For any support, join the official Divi telegram channel: https://t.me/diviproject. Nick announces the impending Orange Tour with Bitcoin Ben. This tour is fully sponsored by the Divi project.

Nick continues by giving news concerning the entire cryptocurrency industry such as Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange attaining US Banking License, Central Bank of India taking a step back concerning cryptocurrency etc.

The show was ended with an AMA as usual.

Watch the full video for the details.


Official Divi website: https://www.diviproject.org




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