DIVI Wallet Update with Nick Saponaro

On today’s Divi podcast, Nick Saponaro, the CIO of the Divi project, and Steve McGary, the co-host of the Divi Podcast, share insightful information on the soon-to-be-released Divi wallet (wallet.diviproject.org). This impending wallet has created a whole lot of excitement and expectations since it was announced by the Divi project due to its unique features and benefits. Currently in the Beta Testing Phase.

Nick and Steve discuss the benefits and other features on the wallet such as:

Atomic Swap

Fiat and Crypto Exchange


Staking and Masternode (Earning)

Sending and Receiving Funds etc.

Listen to the full discussion for the details. https://soundcloud.com/divi-crypto-podcast/ep083

Join the Divi community for more exciting news and update concerning the impending Divi 2.O wallet: https://t.me/diviproject